Cour d'honneur

Courcy was built beetween 1658 & 1663 by Guillaume Le Berseur. However, extensive work  in the XVIII century by the third generation heir , Henry Auguste Hellouin, Marquis de Courcy,transformed the chateauand grounds .

Upon the Marquis' death in 1791 (  his sole heir was killed at Quiberon in 1795), Courcy was sold by adjudication , changed hands several times until the end of the XIX century until  it was purchased by the Gatellier family, who remain the current owners to this day.

During World War II , it was occupied by the Germans, Wertmartch then SS but contrary to the chateau de Fontenay sur mer nearby, it  was saved of total destruction for several reasons:

It was a parachutist meeting point and therefore not bombed or shelled by the allieds on D day

The house did change hands 9 times in 3 days between the 7 & 9 of June 1944 and therefore was not bombed by either party as nobody ever knew who was in it at a specific time         

 Professor Jean Gatellier , the owner at the time managed to repair most of the damages ( direct hit on facade by a Us navy shell still used as a counterweight in the kitchen roasting spit)  to the facade and roof before the winter , therefore escaping rot .

North View, XVI century
Peek to formal French garden
Main entrance