Willis extended family enjoyed one of our all-time favourite holidays at Chateau de Courcy during the summer of 2016. It was pretty much like spending 14 blissful nights in an extraordinarily comfortable, divinely elegant, charming, characterful and fascinating museum. The property's long history is palpable, as if you can touch and breathe in the centuries. It’s absolutely somewhere you immediately settle in and don’t want to leave, made even more instantly relaxing by owner Jean, as gracious as he is entertaining. It’s also beautifully well-equipped: we spent countless hours in and by the pool, playing tennis at sunset, rowing in the moat, feeding the swans, walking the grounds, engaged in the kitchen preparing delicious local produce, and as much time again unwinding in the enchanting brick-vaulted lounge with a log fire for atmosphere. Locally, it’s fascinating: the Normandy beaches and dunes, alluring farmers’ markets and agricultural shows, museums a plenty, historic towns and quiet countryside that is at all times tranquil, even in the height of the season. Everything is half the price of the Cote D’Azur, yet twice as pleasant, so altogether four times better value. Of course we shall return.

The Willis Family, Bath, England